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Doing Business Right!

An inspirational, positive, thought provoking weekly radio show and podcast where Power of Words experts/hosts Rocky & Cheryl Detwiler interview entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business icons from around the country on how they are Doing Business Right! It's a fun show filled with business tips, strategies, impactful words, and real-life success stories.

Jul 30, 2019

Dr. Ed Race, President and COO of Alliance Physical Medicine, practiced in chiropractic and multi-disciplined offices gaining more knowledge until creating and perfecting his own Specific Release Technique. New provider’s joined the group and a full service medical practice is now providing care to address patient needs from musculoskeletal to family practice to regenerative medicine.

As Vice President and CFO, Beth Vance is the ‘glue’ that holds Alliance Physical Medicine together, making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible. Beth has a background of over 20 years experience in the administration of Chiropractic offices and has worked along side Dr. Ed Race for over 8 years.

On today's show, Dr. Ed Race and Beth Vance share their words Innovation and Affirmation. They talk about how their approach to total wellness is different, innovative, and how Alliance Physical Medicine fills the gaps in our healthcare.