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Doing Business Right!

An inspirational, positive, thought provoking weekly radio show and podcast where Power of Words experts/hosts Rocky & Cheryl Detwiler interview entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business icons from around the country on how they are Doing Business Right! It's a fun show filled with business tips, strategies, impactful words, and real-life success stories.

Jan 26, 2019

Bill Klehm is COO and President of HouseCheck, a company based in Boise, Idaho, that is revolutionizing the home inspection industry. Bill grew up in Detroit and began his career at Ford Motor Company, becoming the youngest executive in the history of Ford. He then became an entrepreneur and raised 175 MILLION dollars, because no one told him he couldn't. He is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in business and is now helping HouseCheck change the real estate industry.

Bill's word, INFLUENCE, is explained in a way we've never heard. It might make you think differently about your customers and may even change the way you do business. You won't want to miss a word of this insightful episode!