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Doing Business Right

An inspirational, positive, thought provoking weekly radio show and podcast where Power of Words experts/hosts Rocky & Cheryl Detwiler interview entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business icons from around the country on how they are Doing Business Right! It's a fun show filled with business tips, strategies, impactful words, and real-life success stories.

Jul 11, 2019

Kris Miller is NexTitle Idaho's Market President.  He remains focused on dedication to superior client service and community involvement as the company grows. Kris has spent the last 20 years refining his sales and leadership skills. He has been responsible for statewide operations including employee management, recruiting, budgeting, high-level decision making, and driving revenue and market share growth. With experience in real estate, real estate lending, insurance, and venture capital, Kris has comprehensive knowledge of all facets of the real estate and title markets. Backed by a team of talented professionals and an extensive network of connections, Kris has perfected the art of negotiation, communication, and closing.

On today's show, Kris shares his word Forward and why it means so much to NexTitle's success. Kris is a seasoned leader who has learned the importance of being present every day with his employees. He credits his amazing success to hiring the right employees and shares some insights on how to recruit well.