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Doing Business Right!

An inspirational, positive, thought provoking weekly radio show and podcast where Power of Words experts/hosts Rocky & Cheryl Detwiler interview entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business icons from around the country on how they are Doing Business Right! It's a fun show filled with business tips, strategies, impactful words, and real-life success stories.

May 25, 2019

As real estate professionals and owners of Realty ONE Group Professionals, Joel & Julie Hess are dedicated to their customers' real estate success and take every transaction personally. Together, Joel & Julie Hess lead the nation's fastest growing real estate company. Their team has state of the art tools to best serve their customers' needs, coupled with education, knowledge, experience and the drive to help them reach their goals. The Realty ONE Group team are passionate about Idaho properties and making real estate dreams come true.

On today's show, Joel & Julie share their words Passion and Gratitude. They tell how these words have shown up in their lives and business, as well as how they manage to work together as a couple. Their company, Realty ONE Group Professionals, is breaking records as they serve their customers and help dreams come true.